Welcome to MightyGroove.com, the online home for me, DJ Dave! Here you can view my work as a Mastering/Mixing Engineer., find out about booking me as a DJ, and learn about upcoming performances..

The site is somewhat eclectic in nature - there is content of both personal and professional nature, so while this is mainly geared towards music, there may be an odd rant or blog post about something completely unrelated.,,,,

On that note, if you are looking for info on booking me as a DJ, the best place to find up to date info is at www.breezydayproductions.com. 

If you are looking to hire me for any mastering/mixing/production work, it is best to contact me via this website on any of the forms (they go right my email).

Also, as a fair warning, a lot of the text on this is only edited by myself and I am notorious for copy/typing errors - so don't be alarmed if you see something out of place, that is just how it is supposed to be - I'd rather put out more ART and more content than less, so the trade off is that I wont have a person proofing everything that goes online, that is the trade off and I am ok with that.

Please check back often, and as always, feel free to contact me with the forms below.

Enjoy the Art!