Audio Restoration is the process of taking audio that is damaged and restoring back to a usable form. Audio restoration can either be done to audio that is in analog format (ie records, tapes, 8-track etc) or to audio that is in digital format - MP3's, .Wav files, AIFF. We specialize in digital audio restoration, that is taking audio that is damaged and restoring it back to its normal state.

A few common reasons to restore your audio:

1. Background noise in the original recording - this could be a hum, an air conditioner, a car driving by, other people talking etc.
2. Too much echo or reverb in your recording - maybe you recorded something in an untreated room and you have a lot of echo and it make it difficult to understand.
3. Digital distortion or clipping - This is when the level is recorded too high and you get distortion.
4. Level Audio - This is when the level of the audio jumps from really quiet to really loud, we can level it out and make all sound like it was recorded in the same place.
5. Muffled Sounds - Maybe you recorded something with a tape in your pocket and you are getting muffled sound.
6. Clicks/Pops in your recording - There are many reasons for this, such as not recording at the correct sample rate, but we can take out pops and clicks.

Who we work with:

1. Film and Television - Common to have us repair/edit dialogue and audio from a movie 
2. Law Offices and Legal Firms - If you have a recording you need for a court case, we can make it easy to understand.
3. Voice Over Actors - We can clean up and edit your voice over.
4. Musicians and Artists - We can repair audio in a full recording or an individual track.
5. Anyone else - If you need audio brought back to life, get in touch and see if we can bring the life back into the music.

After your audio is taken to to its normal state, we also offer Mastering Services. This is the last step before your recording hits the "real world." Mastering is like audio restoration for audio without any problems to begin with - both make them sound better, but mastering is the final step. Contact us, or visit our mastering page for more info about mastering.