Gear Review - GLS Audio Cables (5+ Years of Use)

Let me start out by saying that I think most product reviews we read online are somewhat flawed/skewed/biased. They are informative, but a lot of times they are people who have recently acquired a new product and 2 weeks later they write a review. They may or may not know the ins and outs of the product, and they are in essence in the honeymoon stage. That is awesome, but I want to write a few reviews of gear that I have used for a minumum of one year to tell a full story of how these play out.

To start with, I want review GLS Audio Cable, which are, and have been my go-to cables since 2010. Cables are a very unsexy part of the audio world, often misunderstood, often overpriced, often really bad, often unreliable. The GLS cables, on the other hand, are very reasonably priced, very straightforward, comes in a variety of connection types, and very reliable. To date, I have never had one break/fail with a GLS cable... Never had a mic pop out, never had a cable "go bad," never lost connection, for over half a decade they have just worked reliably. All the cables are well built, from the short 2' patch cables, to the long 50' ones, again never an issue.

In terms of audio quality, cables have two categories: 1. They sound bad. 2. They sound good. The GLS are in the second category, they sound good! I haven't done extensive A/B testing on cables, but have hit a few cheap cables that did something weird to the sound. I didn't know what, didn't try to figure it out, just got rid of the cable and moved on.

If there is one pitfall of the GLS cables, it is that they tend to tangle easily. This may not seem like a big deal, but when trying to quickly grab a cable, it is a pain if it is tangled up. Cable ties and wraps help, but just in general, they haven't behaved well in the "wrapping" state.

So, what is the verdict? For me I am a 100% fan of these. The number one consideration in cables in reliability and sound, these hit the mark right on. They are also an awesome value for the money. I've since added a few different brand cables to my rig that are less tangly, but GLS is the heart of what keeps my sound pumping.

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