Keeping it Real In The Decks

DJing at its heart is about playing music - good music. So many times I've talked to DJ's who will tell me about their ability to mix, their scratching skills, how they can beatmatch like you wouldn't believe. All these skills are great, but for most parties, the best thing you can do is simply play good music... Simple. Easy. Fun.

Pulp Fiction comes to mind as a Film with amazing music - not because the audio editing is something special, or that it was "mixed" especially well (it was, but that is besides the point) - no just because they picked the right tunes at the right time, and that had an impact.

To me that is the essence of DJing - when you are performing your number one task is to pick songs that work... It is worth noting that I spent the first year of my professional DJ career without being able to beatmatch, never using FX, and only only doing slam transition (going direct from one song to the next). It wasn't very "creative" BUT I could focus all my energy on the song selection, and with that I had some of the most fun events in my memory.

All this is to say that if you are DJing, don't be afraid to simplify and conquer.

-DJ Dave

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