Making your audio sound the best it can be!

What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final step in audio production for your audio hits the "real world." It is the process of making sure your audio is in the correct format and sounds the best it can be for whatever use you have.

The word "Mastered" is really a broad term, and rather than think of Mastering as just a single process, I like to think of it as preparation for a specific medium, ie your audio is mastered for Film - or your audio is mastered for internet streaming, or your audio is mastered for CD, or your audio is mastered for I-Tunes, or your audio is mastered for Vinyl. The main thing to consider when mastering is the final format that your audio will be used in, and we know and understand the limitations, guidelines, and best practices to master your audio for each format.

With all that said, we provide, some types of projects we work on are:

1. Mastering audio for film/television.
2. Mastering audio for internet streaming such as Youtube, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.
3. Mastering audio for commercials.
4. Mastering audio for a commercial music release such as a CD Release, Itunes, Spotify etc..
5. Mastering audio for Audiobooks.

Some of the common things we do in Mastering are:

1. Check to make sure audio is formatted correctly.
2. Makes sure audio is at the appropriate loudness level. (yes, we can make it LOUD if you need).
3. Remove any pops, clicks, or other miscellaneous artifacts that may have popped into your audio.
4. Balance the audio with equalization and compression - if you are working on a large project, we will make sure it sounds like it is all part of one project, not a disjointed unit. 
5. Audio editing and trimming to make sure a project flows from start to finish.

Finally, mastering provides a final check to make sure everything is correct and proper - think of it as a proofreader for your audio,. It provides another check point to make sure that nothing is overlooked.