Mixing & Music Production - I promise it wont be boring!

There are a few types of Mixing and Music Production work that I do. Each has its own unique set of 

1. DJ Mixes/Remixes/Party Mixes - I usually do this for clients who hire me as a DJ, This is taking two or more songs and mixing them together in a seamless mix. Basically a combination of audio editing and DJing in one. This can either be done as a "live" performance mixdown, or as a static mix that can be edited. 

2.  Multi-Track Mix Engineer - This is taking a multitrack recording and mixing it down to a single stereo file. There is a lot that goes into this, and depending on your need it can either be a quick "rough mix" or a finished polished mix. Note, to get a mix sounded great, takes a substantial amount of time. Before mixing can occur, I usually like to edit all the audio tracks, make sure they are all phase aligned, listen for any "junk" in the tracks, and also reference other material to get a sense of the vibe. With all that said, the main thing is that I want my mixes to be exciting, full of energy, and interesting. Doing this takes time and care, but worth it in the end.

3. Music Production - Ever hear someone say, "hey man, I'm a producer.... I make music, I like produce it and stuff...." Well yeah, that is me, kind of. Producing is like being a CEO of a project - a lot of the work you send out to employees, but it is the bosses job to find and motivate the right employees for the job. Finding the right people is a talent in and of itself.... I choose carefully any project I take on to produce, but some of them include:

Live music production, including music videos
Video production/video promo and shoots
Photo shoots
Creating new content/commercials
Creating web optimized content.